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Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science

History and Aim

Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science is primarily an English-language academic journal (papers written in French or German are also accepted for publication) edited and published by the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science. Founded in 1956, the journal is published annually. The aim of Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science is to publish academic papers on the philosophical and foundational problems of science in a broad range of fields, including the natural sciences, mathematics, logic, psychology, engineering, the social sciences, etc. Authors do not have to be a member of the Association to have a paper published in this journal.

The Editorial Board (term of office: April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020)

Editor in Chief: Shunkichi Matsumoto
Editorial Board Members:
Tatsuya Kashiwabata  Makoto Kikuchi  Takayuki Suzuki  Senji Tanaka
Yasuo Nakayama  Kunihisa Morita

Recently Published Papers

Vol. 25

・Sébastien GANDON, Russell and the Neo-Logicists
 Special Section: Computability Theory and the Foundation of Mathematics
・Chi Tat CHONG and Stephen G. SIMPSON, In Honor of the 60th Birthday of
 Professor Kazuyuki Tanaka
・Tin Lok WONG, Models of the Weak König Lemma
・Keisuke YOSHII, A Survey of Determinacy of Infinite Games in Second
 Order Arithmetic
・Walter DEAN, Bernays and the Completeness Theorem
・Gaolin LI, Junren RU and Guohua WU, Rudin's Lemma and Reverse
・Sakaé FUCHINO, A Reflection Principle As a Reverse-mathematical Fixed
 Point over the Base Theory ZFC
・Toshio SUZUKI, Kazuyuki Tanaka's Work on AND-OR Trees and Subsequent
・Nik WEAVER, The Liar Paradox is a Real Problem

Vol. 24

・Naoaki KITAMURA, The Groundedness of Negative Truths
・Yuichi AMITANI, A Tale of Two Minds: Past, Present and Future

Vol. 23

・Takuo AOYAMA, Shogo SHIMIZU and Yuki YAMADA, Free Will and the
 Divergence Problem
 Special Section: External Critiques of Experimental Philosophy
・Masaharu MIZUMOTO, Foreword
・Stephen STICH, What Is Experimental Philosophy?
・Eric McCREADY, Reference and Linguistic Intuitions
・Simine VAZIRE, Experimental Philosophy: The View from Social/Personality
・Kazuhisa TODAYAMA, What is Experimental Philosophy of Mathematics?

Vol. 22

・Takashi YAGISAWA, “Deflationary Existence”
・Florian COVA and Yasuko KITANO, “Experimental Philosophy and the
 Compatibility of Free Will and Determinism: A Survey”

Vol. 21

・Yuichi Amitani, “The Communication Puzzle of the Species Problem”
・Akihiro Kanamori, “Mathematical Knowledge: Motley and Complexity of Proof”
・Takashi Iida, “On the Concept of a Token Generator”

The Journal's Archives

Open access to articles in Annals of the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science is available via the J-STAGE and CiNii archives.