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Special Issues

Currently, no notice of a ‘call for papers’ has been issued for a special volume of the journal.

Submission Rules

  1. Manuscripts considered for publication in this journal should address topics in the philosophy of science or those in other areas related to the philosophy of science. However, manuscripts that deal with specialized topics in other areas should be written in such a manner that readers outside the areas can understand their objective, follow the arguments, and be interested in the subject matter.
  2. Submitted manuscripts should neither be previously published nor be under review in any other academic journal. Still, manuscripts that contain substantial overlap with such articles as dissertations, reports for funded researches, or summaries of conference presentations are acceptable.

    In the event that a submitted manuscript is suspected of containing substantial overlap with another written by the same author/s that is currently under review in any other academic journal, the editorial board shall reserve the right to exchange the relevant information about the manuscript and its author/s with the society publishing that journal in order to take the necessary action.

  3. The same author/s may not submit multiple manuscripts at the same time. Nor may she/they submit a new manuscript while another one of the same author/s is under review. (Still, one of the authors of a coauthored manuscript may submit another single-authored manuscript or another manuscript written jointly with different person/s.)
  4. The submitted manuscripts are classified into ‘papers’ or ‘discussions.’ The latter contain manuscripts discussing a paper, including a book review, previously published in this journal. Authors should specify which category their manuscript is intended to belong to. However, the editorial board shall reserve the right to change the categorization of a manuscript for editorial reasons.
  5. Manuscripts should be written in English, German, or French and contain no more than around 10,000 words.
  6. Since 2007, this journal has been typeset in TeX. The journal’s TeX style file, along with instructions for its use, is provided at the bottom of this page. Insofar as possible, authors are requested to prepare their manuscript using this style file and to send the typeset manuscript in PDF format as an email attachment to the editorial board specified below. If a manuscript is prepared without using TeX, it should be sent as an email attachment to the editorial board specified below, and, at the same time, two hard copies of the manuscript should be mailed to our office specified below. Hard copies need not be mailed if a manuscript is prepared with TeX.
  7. Manuscripts should include an opening Abstract of approximately 100 words and end with the list of References.
  8. Authors are discouraged from submitting a manuscript with an extremely long title or multiple manuscripts bearing the same title differentiated only by numbers or any other symbols.
  9. Submitted manuscripts will go through a double-blind reviewing process. In order for this process to work properly, manuscripts should not contain any information that would identify the author/s, such as the name/s of the author/s or acknowledgements. Such information should be added to the manuscripts once they have been accepted. The editorial board will make all final decisions on the acceptance or rejection of manuscripts after they have been reviewed.
  10. A PDF file of a published manuscript will be sent to the author/s.

These submission rules were last modified on February 2, 2019.

All electronic submissions of manuscripts should be emailed to the editorial board: editorial[at]     (Please replace [at] with @)

Other postal submissions of manuscripts should be mailed to our office: the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science, c/o Sasaki Printing & Publishing Co., Ltd., MCK Building 2F Shibaura 2-14-13, Minato-ku, Tokyo 108-0023, Japan.

TeX Style files for the Annals of the Japan Association of Philosophy of Science

From the following files, please choose the one that is suitable for your electronic environment, then download and unzip it. After unzipping the file, a directory should be automatically created. It contains both the style file usable in the environment and a sample source file.