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Introduction of a New Submission Category 'Translations' to Annals for Articles Originally Written in Japanese

May, 2018


  It has long been said that the international presence of Japanese philosophy of science is not prominent enough. One important reason for this may be that the papers in this field written in Japanese and published in domestic journals have not been visible to readers in the English-speaking countries, even if their quality is high enough to deserve to be read internationally.
  In view of such a situation, the Japan Association for Philosophy of Science and the Philosophy of Science Society, Japan decided to start a new initiative in which the authors of peer-reviewed papers previously published in the domestic journals of both societies, Kagakukisoron Kenkyu and Kagakutetsugaku, can further publish their English translations in our international journal, Annals, in order to raise their worldwide visibility. These translations will be classified into a new category of ‘translations,’ distinguished from the existing ones of ‘papers’ and ‘discussions.’
  You can find the detailed guideline for submitting translations under this initiative in the Japanese site of this same page. Anyone interested, please refer to it.

Shunkichi Matsumoto
 Editor in Chief, Japan Association for Philosophy of Science
Tetsuji Iseda
 Editor in Chief, Philosophy of Science Society, Japan